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How to purchase and install G DATA Mobile Internet Security from the Google Play Store

This article will help you to purchase and install G DATA Mobile Internet Security on your Android device (such as your phone or tablet), from the Google Play Store.

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store from your Android device.

Step 2. Using the search function at the top, search for “G DATA INTERNET SECURITY

Step 3. Click on the second product, with a price tag at the bottom right.

The first product is our “light” version with limited features, which can be used to try the full software for 30 days as well.

Step 4. Click on the green button with a price on it.

Step 5. Click Accept.

Step 6. Click Buy.

Depending on your previously configured purchase options, you may have to enter additional details such as your Google password.

Step 7. The payment is now done and the product will be automatically installed. Click Continue.

Step 8. Once the product has been installed, open it.

Step 9.Accept the end user agreement and click Next.

Step 10. The product is now fully operational.

We recommend to do an update by clicking on the icon in form of a pair of rotating arrows at the top right.

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