G Data Security Solution Passes AV-TEST

InternetSecurity 2012 is awarded AV-TEST certification for protection against malware, repair performance and user friendliness

08/30/2011 | London 

G Data is today announcing that its security solution, InternetSecurity 2012 has been awarded AV-TEST certification for the fifth time in a row. AV-TEST carefully examined 22 suites and whilst six of the security packages in the test failed, G Data InternetSecurity 2012 proved its high level of security and was thus awarded the AV-TEST certification.

“G Data InternetSecurity 2012 performed brilliantly in every aspect of our tests. The security solution not only offers comprehensive protection against malware infections but also achieved impressively good results in terms of repairing infected systems,” said Andreas Marx, managing director of AV-TEST on G Data’s performance.

AV-TEST certification

The constantly growing number of new computer malware programs and the resulting in-crease in attacks on personal and business computer systems make it indispensible to use a powerful IT security solution. There is a wide range of programs on the market and it is almost impossible for consumers to assess their quality.

As an independent institute, AV-TEST has been analysing and testing current IT security packages for end users at regular intervals since 2010. The sophisticated test procedure covers three core areas: protection, repair performance and usability. Complex test scenarios are used to analyse the level of protection offered by the programs, which have to prove their effectiveness in fending off all computer malware relevant at the time of testing.

The IT security programs that meet AV-TEST’s high security standard receive a certificate that providers can display on the product’s packaging and online descriptions.

The AV-TEST certificate assures consumers that the IT security software has undergone in-dependent testing, passed the test and can be relied on. For consumers who want to see the detailed test report for the software of their choice, a test number is inserted on the logo on the certificate. The test report, which is available on the AV-TEST institute website, includes the test period, report number, product name and version number, operating system used, an image of the certificate and a screenshot of the product.

G Data InternetSecurity 2012
G Data InternetSecurity 2012 protects users against all Internet threats without slowing down the PC. Thanks to its integrated idle scan, the security solution uses inactive computer runtime for virus scans. The new cloud-based checksum comparison of suspicious files, banking Trojan protection and the silent firewall are just three of many integrated protection technologies that make surfing the net safer.

The security technologies are enhanced with the new on-execution monitor mode for more efficient file checking on heavily-loaded systems. G Data InternetSecurity 2012 also has an add-in for Outlook 2007/2010, for complete protection against viruses and spam email and easy blacklist/whitelist allocation. Easy to set up parental control also enables surfing time to be defined and specific web content to be blocked.

Sinead O'Connor