Slogan expresses ideal of solid protection without backdoors

04/14/2014 | Bochum (Germany) 

G DATA today launched its new website, including new slogan and visual identity. TRUST IN GERMAN SICHERHEIT is the new motto of the German security manufacturer. This slogan tells the story of what the company stands for: solid German quality with respect for the privacy of the customer. Both consumers and business customers can benefit from security software which does not distinguish between malware written by cybercriminals and malware created by intelligence agencies and other government agencies. Moreover, G DATA does not build backdoors into the software that can be used by government agencies to collect data from the computers of the G DATA customers. As a German company G DATA must adhere to the strict German privacy laws, which do not allow such practices. This guarantees an optimal privacy protection for consumers and businesses. Therefore, trust is an important value for G DATA. Due to the strict German law German security is much more thorough than security from most other regions. The pay off of the new campaign underscores this fact: It is not safe, until it's sicher.

Security and data protection are increasingly becoming a social issue since the beginning of the revelations about the NSA spying. Many consumers and especially businesses want to protect their data against (government ) espionage and ask themselves how they can achieve this.

Different than in Germany, there are hardly any laws that protect the privacy of citizens and businesses in the United States. On the contrary, the Patriot Act requires U.S. companies to share all sorts of information about customers with government agencies if such a request is made. The companies are not allowed to disclose that such a request has been made and was granted. This makes it very unclear to users of certain hardware and software whether or not their data is safe from government spying . Not to mention any built in backdoors for government institutions that can be exploited by cybercriminals too.

"IT security must protect against all possible risks. There should be no distinction between malware from cybercriminals and malware from governments," says Frank Heisler, CEO of G DATA Software. This is, according to Heisler, the reason that more and more consumers and businesses consciously opt for German security. "In 2011, we have already clearly expressed our sentiments against backdoors and allowing state made malware by signing a manifesto of the TeleTrust Organization about this topic."

Daniëlle van Leeuwen