Announcement of 19. February 2018

G DATA named winner of the Champion Award

The IT security specialist from Bochum obtains the best "Professional User Rating - Security 2018”

G DATA has been named winner of the Champion Award in the field of "Security Solutions” by the IT market research and consulting company techconsult GmbH. In the "Professional User Rating - Security 2018", the Bochum-based IT security company left the competition far behind.

"What we are seeing is the result of our close and long-term cooperation with our customers. We have always considered service as a valuable interface with the customer and listened very carefully to what they need and expect from our software,” emphasises Kai Figge, managing director and founding member of G DATA Software AG. "This prestigious title of champion tells us that we are on the right track.”


techconsult GmbH has been part of the Heise Group since 2012 and has been operating for over 24 years as an established researcher and analyst in Germany, mainly conducting IT market research and consulting for companies. Under the survey’s "Professional User Rating - Security 2018" category, the respondents assessed the business structure of the security provider itself as well as the solution, its features and benefits:

Solution/Technology Rating

  • Manufacturer satisfaction in the context of the solution
  • Capacity
  • Functional scope
  • User-friendliness
  • Solution benefits
  • Product loyalty and buy recommendation


Company Rating

  • Innovation
  • Total product portfolio
  • Service and support
  • Sales partner
  • Online presence
  • Price and reference models
  • Sustainability
  • Information, advice and training

G DATA left the competition far behind. The conclusion of techconsult: "G DATA convinces the users, whether as a manufacturer or solution provider, and therefore achieves an excellent result in the overall assessment." Furthermore: "As a result, user companies who are currently looking for a malware protection solution should look into G DATA's products in the light of their own application and include them in the shortlist of potential solutions."



Announcement of 19. February 2018

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