Announcement of 15. October 2012

Natalya Kaspersky becomes share holder at G Data Software AG and will be elected on to the supervisory board

Natalya Kaspersky, the owner of InfoWatch Holding company, has acquired over 16.8 percent of German antivirus security company G Data Software AG shares. The shares came from different former shareholders, in particular from a venture capital company in Berlin. Natalya Kaspersky is to be elected to the supervisory board in the annual shareholder meeting on October, the 23rd.

The cooperation between G Data and Natalya Kaspersky goes back to the year 1996 when G Data’s co-founder Kai Figge met her in Hannover during CeBIT. At that time Natalya was a Director at antivirus company Kaspersky Lab where the two companies agreed on a tech-nology partnership.

Natalya Kaspersky is one of today’s most successful women in the  IT industry. Within 18 years she together with her ex-husband Eugene Kaspersky turned a startup into one of the world’s leading security companies with more than 2,500 employees worldwide. Earlier this year Natalya Kaspersky quit Kaspersky Lab and sold her shares.

G Data Co-founder Kai Figge excited:
”I have known Natalya Kaspersky since 1996. She is an outstanding character and was the driver of a unique success story. I am looking forward to a reliable, experienced and smart partner. It’s a dream combination.”




Natalya Kaspersky explains her entrance:
"I was pleased by Kai Figge’s offer to join G Data. For many years I watched this company and I think it deserves more international success due to its' excellent product portfolio and high level of protection. During the years G Data has made significant technological improvements. I was impressed by the exceptional number of international awards won by the G Data products. I think, despite the changes in the IT world the quality of detection of security companies is still a priority. As a member of the G Data supervisory board I will spread G Data’s excellent reputation round the globe and hope to help the company by using my knowledge and experience of the IT security field.”



About InfoWatch Group of Companies
InfoWatch Group of companies includes several organizations working in the sphere of in-formation security: InfoWatch Ltd. (data leakage prevention software), Kribrum Ltd. (social media monitoring and analysis aimed at online reputation management), EgoSecure GmbH (end-point security software), and Appercut Security (business application source code analysis).

InfoWatch Ltd. is the eldest and the biggest company in the group. It was founded in 2003 and today occupies a serious place in CIS, Middle East and Asian markets. Its main products provide protection against data leakage. The clients are large enterprise customers all over the world.

More information about InfoWatch Group of companies is available at


Announcement of 15. October 2012


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