Announcement of 26. February 2013

CeBIT Global Conferences 2013: Sharing Big Data

Natalya Kaspersky and Eddy Willems discuss chances and challenges for businesses – live on Center Stage

In the years to come processing, storage and distribution of large volumes of data will continue to pose a challenge for businesses and providers of IT infrastructures. According to the latest IDC study (Big Data 2012) many organizations are only beginning to address the issue and still in the process of evaluating possible ways of implementation. Cost- and resource efficient solutions for Big Data technologies offer a lot of potential for businesses. What should organizations pay particular attention to during this phase? Natalya Kaspersky, CEO at InfoWatch Group and Eddy Willems, Global Security Officer at G Data Software AG will discuss chances, risks and the optimal strategy for organizations.


“Cloud-based solutions offer a great deal of flexibility for businesses. Increased efficiency and reduction in total cost gives organizations is a significant competitive edge. This is especially true for global organizations. Given the current increase in data volume there hardly seems to be an alternative to Big Data and cloud technologies”, says Eddy Willems, Global Security Officer & Security Evangelist, G Data Software AG. „During the implementation process any organization should also analyze potential weaknesses and at the same time make sure that their data is thoroughly protected.”




Natalya Kaspersky, CEO at InfoWatch Group: “Recent analytical researches show the increasing demand for Cloud services and the steady growth of Big Data in companies. But still the main challenge in the cloud is securing clients’ data as it is difficult to define the responsible side. The drawback is that cloud providers do not take the responsibility for security of the data clients give outto the cloud. And the challenge is not overcome at the moment.”



CeBIT Global Conferences 2013
The discussion on „Cloud: Sharing Big Data” will take place
on March 7th 2013 from 15:15 to 16:00 on Center Stage at the Convention Center.


Brent Goff, News Anchorman, Deutsche Welle

  • Natalya Kaspersky, CEO, InfoWatch Group, Member of the Board of Directors, G Data Software AG and EgoSecure GmbH
  • Eddy Willems, Global Security Officer, G Data Software AG:
  • Dinko Eror, Senior Director Global Services Lead, EMCThomas Kejser, Chief Technology Officer EMEA Fusion
  • Frank Theisen, Vice President Smarter Analytics & Smarter Commerce, IBM Europe


Press Talk: Meet the Experts
After the Global Conferences media representatives will have a chance to interview both experts and get to know their views on best practises for implementation and risk assessment

Cloud: Sharing Big Data
Many companies, while sympathetic to the idea of sharing in principle, are reluctant to share their internal data with third parties on account of security and privacy concerns. What options do companies wishing to make intelligent use of their data by sharing them with third parties actually have, particularly in today’s increasingly privacy conscious environment? What approaches have been tried so far, and how have they worked out?

CeBIT 2013: IT security hot spot in hall 12, booth C41
Visit us in Hanover to find out more about the new network solutions and how companies and home users can effectively protect themselves against online threats. The German industry leader will introduce its new security technologies and solutions for consumers and companies at CeBIT 2013: G Data – hall 12, booth C41


Announcement of 26. February 2013


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