Announcement of 28. March 2013

G Data eliminates lock screen vulnerability in Android smartphones

German security developer provides update and free 30-day version of MobileSecurity 2 for smartphone users

The most important and also the most basic security function in a smartphone is the screen lock, which protects the device from unauthorised access. A vulnerability in this function has recently been discovered in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Xperia Z. A simple trick enables criminals to access the device and all data stored on it, for example, the contacts, photos and messages. G Data assists affected users and helps them secure their mobile devices. The German IT security provider is offering its customers an update for the powerful G Data MobileSecurity 2. All other users can download a free 30-day version of MobileSecurity 2 as well as instructions from G Data.


The screen lock is the most frequently activated security function used to protect the smartphones from unauthorised access. The recently discovered vulnerability makes it easy to circumvent this security mechanism and affected mobile devices are therefore easy to spy on.

G Data customers with a valid license for G Data MobileSecurity 2 are automatically protected with the next program update. All other users of affected smartphones can get a free 30-day version of the powerful security solution from the German IT security provider. This is available on the Internet at:

After installation, users have to follow these instructions to protect themselves:

Sony Xperia Z:

  • Start G Data MobileSecurity 2.
  • Activate and set up app protection – you must define a password to do so.

From now on, you are prompted to enter the app protection password for G Data MobileSecurity 2 when you start the service menu.

Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Start G Data MobileSecurity 2.
  • Activate and set up app protection – you must define a password to do so.
  • Tap on App Protection.
  • Tap the "+" character.
  • Tap the "All" tab.
  • Tap the "Contacts" and "Phone" entries and use the checkmark at the top left to confirm this.

Before users can open the emergency keyboard and access emergency contacts, they must now enter the correct app protection password for G Data MobileSecurity 2. Emergency calls can be still started without entering the password.

G Data MobileSecurity 2 provides reliable protection against mobile malware as well as real-time protection when surfing the net on a smartphone or tablet PC. In addition, users can block annoying callers and SMS senders, and contacts and their associated calls and messages can be password protected. Those who use their device for personal use as well as for work can thus protect their business contacts separately.

In addition, smartphone and tablet users can protect themselves from the disastrous consequences of a loss or theft. Devices can be located again and stored data can be deleted remotely to protect it from third party access. This provides optimum protection for mobile devices.

Key features of G Data MobileSecurity 2:

  • Instant protection while browsing the Internet: Protection against phishing; users thus enjoy comprehensive protection when banking and shopping online.
  • Protection against dangerous apps: The app check verifies the authorisations of applications and categorises them.
  • Protection against Android malware: Maximum protection through regular updates. Files and archives can also be scanned manually.
  • SMS and call filter: Annoying callers and SMS senders can be blocked easily by entering them in a blacklist.
  • Protection if the device is lost or stolen: If the smartphone is lost, users can locate the device or find it by activating an alarm signal. They can lock the device remotely and delete all data from afar.
  • Lock if SIM card is changed: It is possible to prevent the device from being used with a different SIM card. In addition, the user is informed of the change of card by SMS.
  • Password protection for apps: Certain apps can only be started once the correct password has been entered.
  • Protected contacts: Contacts from the address book as well as the corresponding calls and messages are password protected.


System requirements

  • Smartphone or tablet PC with an Android operating system version 2.1 or above
  • Space required: approx. 14 MB
Announcement of 28. March 2013


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