Announcement of 16. July 2013

Cyber spies left with no chance: G Data AntiVirus Business 12 impresses with outstanding defence results

"Made in Germany" technology eliminates all test malware in the Virus Bulletin comparative test

Protecting the IT infrastructure from spy attacks is absolutely crucial for companies. This is because valuable design plans, customer data and business plans are highly sought after by online criminals and foreign spy agencies. But which network solution can companies really rely on? In the current comparison, German IT security provider G Data impressed the critical testers from the magazine Virus Bulletin: G Data AntiVirus Business 12 gave the computer malware being used no chance. The "Made in Germany" business solution shone with a malware detection rate of 100 percent and showed not a single false positive. Thanks to these excellent results and reliability, Virus Bulletin therefore awarded G Data AntiVirus Business the prestigious VB 100 award once again


"Having our solutions receive the Virus Bulletin award once again is an endorsement of our work and the effectiveness of our security technologies. This test also impressively proved the quality of IT security Made in Germany," notes Frank Heisler, board member of G Data Software AG. With respect to the current spy scandal involving Prism, Frank Heisler sees good reasons for IT security Made in Germany and states: "IT security solutions must offer effective protection against every risk – there must be no distinction in the assessment of malware from cyber crime sources and from spy agencies - that would be fatal. Here, our company is a pioneer with regard to the interests of its customers, having already voluntarily signed a corresponding TeleTrust commitment in 2011." The board of G Data is therefore of the opinion that companies should be particularly careful when choosing their security solutions and rely on programs by German providers.

Test verdict by the Virus Bulletin experts:
"As always, the detection rate was fantastic and all the malware in the test environment was effortlessly detected and eliminated. G Data has therefore received a VB 100 rating once again."

Test details:
Number of business security solutions tested: 31 - including G Data AntiVirus Business (referred to as G Data Security Client in the test report)
Amount of malware used: 820,000 files
Test conducted by: Virus Bulletin –

Consumer organisations worldwide are impressed by Security Made in Germany
G Data security solutions have been impressing the independent testers at Stiftung Warentest since 2005. Six times in a row G Data has demonstrated the best virus detection, proving that IT security "Made in Germany" offers Internet users the best protection against attacks from the Internet. However, this year G Data security technologies have not only won over testers in Germany.

G Data InternetSecurity has been recognised as best Internet security package by independent consumer magazines around the world – in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA, among others.

Companies are effectively protected from malware and the like
G Data AntiVirus 12 is a security solution that is easy to install and is administered centrally. It can be used inside and outside the company – regardless of how many clients are using it.

The network solution is distinguished by its multi-award winning antivirus technologies, central management and automatic protection of all Windows file servers, workstations and notebooks, as well as mobile Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, integrated G Data BankGuard technology makes sure your online payments are protected.

Key features of G Data AntiVirus 12 Business

  • Maximum protection through the use of two virus scanners
  • MobileAdministrator: remote control possible from anywhere, thanks to the web interface
  • MobileManagement: central display of all Android devices used for business, with reporting on any virus detection and the security status
  • G Data BankGuard integration for secure online payment transactions
  • Report Management module: detailed analyses and reports on the malware situation in the network
  • Full functionality even outside of the network, e.g. for external sales force laptops and other mobile devices
  • Software and hardware directories for all clients facilitate client management by displaying a detailed inventory
Announcement of 16. July 2013


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