25. July 2013

New: G Data AntiVirus for Mac

Optimum protection for Apple OS X and heterogeneous company networks

<p style="margin-top:0cm; margin-right:70.9pt; margin-bottom:0cm; margin-left: 0cm; margin-bottom:.0001pt"> <b>Windows users are no longer the only ones being targeted by cyber criminals. Malware authors are increasingly targeting Leopard and Mountain Lion and the like. With G Data AntiVirus for Mac, the German IT security specialist is now offering a new security solution specifically for Macs with OS X, providing effective protection against viruses and phishing attacks. Not only does the program proactively protect against Mac viruses - it also provides additional protection for all Windows PCs that are connected to your home or company network. G Data AntiVirus for Mac also detects Windows malware and thus stops it from spreading further. G Data AntiVirus for Mac is now available as a download at a recommended retail price of £34.95.</b></p>

Security for heterogeneous networks

Using an antivirus solution for Mac does not just protect your own Apple computer - it also protects Windows systems within the network. Computer malware that might not be dangerous for Mountain Lion and the like can cause considerable damage if forwarded to Windows systems. For this reason G Data AntiVirus for Mac also detects Windows malware and thus prevents the spread of malware through forwarded emails.


Designed for Apple - looking at the big picture

Thanks to the clear, streamlined user interface, users are always in control of the security status of their system and receive instant notification of malware attacks. Want to know which files are in quarantine and when the system should be scanned? Users need just a few clicks to retrieve all information or make individual program settings in the security centre.


Everything at a glance - the user interface of G Data Antivirus for Mac


Key features

  • •  Multiple award-winning protection against viruses, including those that cannot harm a Mac but do pose a threat to the Windows PCs in your network.
  • •  Phishing protection safeguards users against spyware attacks on the Internet. Fake websites designed to spy on bank data or credit card information are blocked instantly.
  • •  Network protection: to ensure that Macs are not used as gateways for attacks on Windows devices, the security solution also recognises these computer malware strains. Your company network thus remains protected.
  • •  Scheduled scans: complete system scans are only started when the device is not in use.


System requirements

  • •  Intel Mac with Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or above)
  • •  Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6 or above)
  • •  Mac OS X Lion (10.7 or above)
  • •  Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8 or above)
  • •  1 GB RAM, 200 MB available hard disk space
  • •  Minimum monitor solution: 1024 x 640



Price and availability

The ESD version of G Data AntiVirus for Mac is now available at a recommended retail price of £34.95. Companies with G Data network licences can swap individual G Data Windows licences for Mac licences for free.