Announcement of 01. August 2013

AV-Comparatives recognises G Data InternetSecurity 2014

Independent test lab awards "Advanced +" rating for outstanding defence results

Security software is part of every Internet user's basic kit - otherwise things would be all too easy for cyber criminals. Every user therefore has to ensure that he or she is properly protected on the net; but which Internet security package provides reliable protection against computer malware and all the other online risks? The answer to this question has just been provided by independent test lab AV-Comparatives in the current "Real World Protection Test", where the protection provided by 19 security solutions was tested. The result: G Data InternetSecurity 2014 stood out with its outstanding malicious code detection and thus received the coveted "Advanced +" rating.


Details of the Whole Product Dynamic Real World Protection Test
Number of Internet security packages tested: 19 – including G Data InternetSecurity 2014
Computer malware strains used: 1,972
Test performed by AV-Comparatives –



G Data InternetSecurity 2014
The security suite uses brand new CloseGap technology to provide the best possible instant protection against viruses, hacking, spam and all Internet risks. Active hybrid protection also covers country-specific threats. The firewall works quietly in the background and does not slow the user down. The integrated parental controls also protect children and youths from inappropriate websites.




System requirements

PC with Windows 8/7/Vista (32/64 bit) with 1 GB RAM or more or Windows XP (SP2 or higher, 32 bit), 512 MB RAM or more; CD/DVD-ROM drive

Announcement of 01. August 2013


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