Announcement of 23. October 2013

Virus Bulletin recognises G Data AntiVirus 2014

Top marks for excellent malware avoidance and optimum performance

Each and every week, over 58,000 new computer malware instances emerge (source: G Data SecurityLabs). Effective protection is therefore essential for any PC. But which security solution is capable of offering this? British IT magazine "Virus Bulletin" regularly puts IT security solutions to the test. In the latest comparison test in August 2013, the testers took 49 security solutions and tested them for the effectiveness of their protection and their system load. The result: G Data AntiVirus 2014 gave the best performance, with top values in proactive and reactive detection and the avoidance of malware. One hundred percent of all the malware used was correctly detected in the "on demand" and "on access" test – without slowing down the PC or triggering any false positives. In this test, the CloseGap hybrid protection developed by G Data was able to prove its capabilities in a large comparison test for the first time. Because of its outstanding overall performance, the magazine Virus Bulletin gave its coveted VB100 award to G Data AntiVirus 2014.

"We are very proud of the result in the Virus Bulletin test. It gave an impressive indication of the effectiveness and reliability of our security software using the newly developed G Data CloseGap technology. With our security solutions, users get the best protection against every online danger," explains Frank Heisler, G Data board member.




Virus Bulletin test verdict on G Data AntiVirus 2014
"Detection, as expected, was very good indeed, almost flawless in the earlier parts of the RAP tests and still pretty strong in the proactive week, and with no problems in the certification sets a VB100 award is well deserved.”


The testers were particularly impressed with:

Storage/resources: "Resource use was below average, especially RAM use”

Usability: The graphic user interface was classed as very user-friendly by the testers – "The interface is glossy and cool”

Speed: G Data AntiVirus 2014 is quick to install and demonstrates an im-pressive scan rate – "Scanning speeds started off decently and sped up to a blinding pace in the warm runs”

Software stability: "There were no stability issues this month, so the product adds a ‘Solid’ rating to an all-round strong performance."

Test details
Number of security solutions tested: 49 – including G Data AntiVirus 2014
Platform: Windows 7 Pro
Conducted by: Virus Bulletin -

Perfect malware protection "Made in Germany": G Data AntiVirus 2014
The security solution protects Internet users in multiple ways at the same time: maximum security using G Data CloseGap technology and hourly signature updates against current and country-specific threats. G Data An-tiVirus 2014 includes even better G Data BankGuard technology for maximum security during all online banking transactions. Thanks to proactive real-time protection, users are protected against every danger on the Internet.




System requirements
PC with Windows 8/7/Vista (32/64 bit) with 1 GB RAM or more or Windows XP (SP2 or higher, 32 bit), 512 MB RAM or more; CD/DVD-ROM drive

Announcement of 23. October 2013


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