Encryption worm Dorifel attacks

G Data customers are protected against this dangerous malware

08/17/2012 | Bochum 

Computer malware Dorifel, which encrypts Word and Excel files on infected PCs, is circulating at the moment. The worm first appeared in the Netherlands and is now also spreading in Germany. It is estimated to have infected several thousand computers worldwide. Dorifel was initially smuggled onto PCs using infect email attachments. The Tatanga botnet, which cyber criminals also use to steal bank data, is probably responsible for sending these emails. Hence, the perpetrators are most likely using Dorifel access data to steal online banking user information. G Data customers have no reason to fear for their safety as they've been protected against Dorifel all along, thanks to effective security technologies "made in Germany".


"Thanks to the proactive technologies and the effective double scan method of our security solutions that use two virus scanners in parallel, our customers have been protected against Dorifel right from the start," explains Ralf Benzmüller, head of G Data Security Labs.






Three G Data security tips regarding Dorifel:

  • Users should use comprehensive security solutions that permanently monitor the http traffic for malware. This ensures that PCs are effectively protected against drive-by downloads. A spam filter that gets rid of undesired emails is also a must.
  • The installed operating system, browser and its components as well as the security solution installed should always be kept up-to-date. Program updates should be installed immediately to close existing security holes.
  • Emails from unknown senders should always be deleted immediately. File attachments like greeting cards or videos should not be opened and links should not be called up.

Kathrin Beckert