Google should not be fined for “doing world a favour”

Renowned security guru believes Google has exposed lack of home WiFi security

11/03/2010 | London 

Today’s announcement by Christopher Graham, the UK’s Information Commissioner, that Google will not be fined or punished for breaching UK data laws in its collection of personal data via Street View cars has been warmly welcomed by Eddy Willems, Security Evangelist for antivirus pioneer G Data.

Eddy Willems comments: “The furore surrounding Google’s seemingly inadvertent capture of private data stems from the belief that individuals have a right to privacy. However, just as homeowners have learned to lock their front doors to keep their homes safe, so they must also appreciate the need to password-protect and encrypt their home WiFi networks to avoid accidental or deliberate interception of their data. Although Google has be heavily criticised for what has happened I believe they have actually done the world a favour by exposing the current vulnerability of far too many home WiFi networks. Fining Google would have done nothing to increase home WiFi security in the United Kingdom.”

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