CeBIT 2010: Companies caught in the cross-wires of the eCrime cartels

How can companies effectively protect themselves against cyber attacks?

03/04/2010 | Bochum 

Today, during the live talk in the CeBit G Data Arena, the legendary ComputerClub2 TV presenters Wolfgang Back and Wolfgang Rudolf considered another hot IT topic, eCrime cartels. These excellently organised and technically highly equipped organisations have already caused many companies a lot of damage. The attacks are becoming ever more specific and refined so that businesses must deploy sufficient professional protection against the attacks to ensure they themselves don't end up caught in the cross-wires. In discussion with the two moderators were Wilfried Karden (Constitutional Protection, North Rhine Westphalia), Josef Spang (German Association for Small and Medium Sized Businesses [BVMW]), Wolfgang Nefzger (Technical Editor PCMagazin) and Ralf Benzmüller (Manager, G Data Security Labs).

The G Data Arena panel discussion: from left: Wolfgang Back, Wilfried Karden (Constitutional Protection North Rhine Westphalia), Ralf Benzmüller (Manager, G Data Security Labs), Josef Spang (German Association for Small and Medium Sized Businesses [BVMW]), Wolfgang Nefzger (Technical Editor PCMagazin), Wolfgang Rudolph



Topics for the day:
How can companies effectively protect themselves against cyber attacks? Who is behind the attacks? What is the attackers' approach?


What the experts say:

Wilfried Karden, Constitutional Protection North Rhine Westphalia: "Today, security can no longer be guaranteed by technical countermeasures on their own. In the future, security will only prevail if humans and technology work together in close cooperation."




Josef Spang, German Association for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (BVMW): "IT security companies are well advised to sell an SME security software product which is as easy as possible to use, as companies hardly know where to start with the technical concepts and various program options."





Wolfgang Nefzger, Technical Editor PCMagazin: "Security software should always be designed across several layers including firewall, email gateway, server and workstation protection."





Ralf Benzmüller, manager G Data Security Labs: "A company must determine which is the most important information that it wants to protect and provide this core information with special protection measures."





Wolfgang Back: "It is highly apparent that many sections of our population are still very ignorant where IT security and precautions are concerned. Many directors of SMEs are not even aware that they are responsible for any misdoings that their employees cause or are involved in on the Internet. There is often a large outcry, if the legal system fines these people, even when they themselves haven't done anything."

Wolfgang Rudolph: "Constitutional protection applies whether it is invoked or not., And it doesn't only protect the constitution, but also the interests of businesses. In this respect it is highly important that should a third party infiltrate the corporate network, that the constitutional protection should help both in both word and deed, without, as the police would do, requiring the immediate taking away all the computers and initiating a preliminary investigation.


Thorsten Urbanski