G Data PatchManagement closes dangerous software vulnerabilities

CeBIT innovation secures company networks

03/06/2013 | CeBIT, Hanover (Germany) 

The dangers of operating system and software vulnerabilities are of-ten underestimated in companies, even though they offer an ideal attack vector for cyber criminals. Due to increasing heterogeneous network structures within companies, administrators lose the overview of the software that is installed and their update possibilities. Sometimes available patches are not installed out of fear of possible system incompatibilities. G Data now offers a solution. G Data PatchManagement is an ingenious tool for the management and installation of updates. Administrators will have an overview of implemented software and they can install tested up-dates in stages without the fear of system failures. Companies can now close application vulnerabilities before online criminals use them for their attacks. G Data PatchManagement will be available as an additional module for G Data AntiVirus, G Data ClientSecurity and G Data EndpointProtection in the second quarter of 2013.

Networks are becoming more and more complex as they use different ver-sions of Windows and applications on the clients. Client configurations are unique, as are their vulnerability to threats from malware and cyber attacks from the Internet.

An important step towards a completely protected computer is the optimal installation of the latest patches for the operating system and key applications. Closing vulnerabilities in third-party software using efficient patch management reduces IT risks considerably.

G Data PatchManagement is available as an additional module for G Data AntiVirus, G Data ClientSecurity and G Data EndpointProtection.

What can G Data PatchManagement do for you?

•    Support for your company patch policy administration
•    Optimisation and administration for patches on different clients
•    Patch security flaws before they become a target for criminals
•    Support for current Microsoft technology (e.g. Windows 8)

Danielle van Leeuwen