G Data EndpointProtection available now

German manufacturer launches all in one corporate solution

06/03/2010 | Bochum (Germany) 

G Data EndpointProtection is available from today. The new flagship of the German security specialist not only efficiently protects corporate networks against computer malware, spam and hacker attacks, it also simultaneously helps to ensure company policy is adhered to. For example, thanks to the integrated PolicyManager, it becomes child's play to prevent the undesired use of storage devices, the installation of programs or unchecked surfing using company PCs.

"With G Data EndpointProtection, we are tackling the whole IT-security topic. Consequently the new corporate solution not only protects against all attacks on the IT infrastructure of a company, it also ensures adherence to the company policy. This simultaneously creates Legal Security and also gives the company a clear increase in productivity," explains Uwe Rehwald, Manager of G Data Partner Sales. “The fact we have been able to combine a solid protection of the network and an all round security of the endpoint in one solution that is extremely easy to configure and use has resulted in a stream of positive feedback from the partners in the German market, where this product has been available for e few weeks now.”


Always on the safe side with G Data EndpointProtection
The G Data flagship is the ideal security solution for small, medium and large corporate computer networks. The new G Data technologies form an unassailable fortress providing effective protection against all types of attacks against the IT infrastructure as well as offering optimum protection against laptop, desktop and server malware threats.


The innovative PolicyManager guarantees adherence to company directives and controls the individual use of devices, applications and the Internet. G Data EndpointProtection Business combines client/server-based, best-in-test virus protection with an award winning client firewall and effective, productivity increasing client settings.

G Data EndpointProtection Enterprise expands the business version by adding the powerful G Data MailSecurity. The mail server-independent gateway solution filters all incoming and outgoing email (SMTP/ POP 3) for spam and viruses.


G Data PolicyManager
G Data PolicyManager gives companies control over the company network, automatically monitors the company policy, blocks all undesirable activities and gives companies back their full productivity.       

  • - Device Control: Blocking of USB sticks, drives, external hard drives, webcams, etc.
  • - Application Control: Blocking of instant messengers, games, file sharing programs, etc.
  • - Content Filter: Blocking of chats, erotic content, job search sites, joke sites, online auctions, etc.
  • - Surf Control: Limitation of Internet use (time windows/time accounts)

Danielle van Leeuwen