CeBIT 09: Love, Peace & Happiness

LiveAid concert in the G Data Arena for children in Africa

03/02/2009 | Bochum 

G Data is presenting a large flower power rock party on the trade fair Saturday (7th March 2009) in support of the children's aid organisation, Plan Deutschland International e.V.. All visitors and guests at CeBIT 2009 are invited - on one condition: whoever comes to the party should spare a thought for the children and not be stingy. So that as much money as possible is collected for this good cause, G Data is presenting an amazing live act as an enticement: Guildo Horn and "Die Orthopädischen Strümpfe" (The Orthopedic Stockings) will be warming up the guests, in a not quite standard fashion, from 6 pm - including ecstasy and stagediving. The G Data arena is located in hall 11, stand D35.

„We are using CeBIT, to set an example in conjunction with our international guests. G Data is supporting Plan in its fight for better living conditions for children and their families in Uganda, “ says G Data board member Fridolin Rummel to emphasize the request. „We would be very pleased if every guest took part in our aid campaign and made a contribution towards giving children in Africa a chance of enjoying a life that is worth living.“




„Plan International Deutschland finances sustainable and child-orientated self-help projects. The financing comes mainly from sponsorship, but also through individual donations and public funding. The long-term partnership with G Data is very satisfying to us because it is marked by a very creative commitment that combines sponsorship with individual donations. Thank you very much!“, Kerstin Giebel, Cooperation Consultant, Plan International Deutschland e.V.



At the end of the evening Gerd Klevemann, accountant with the Commerzial Treuhand GmbH, will, in conjunction with Peter Heuser, the sales manager of G Data Software AG, count the donations received from the visiting public, and then round up the received amount before handing it over to the Plan aid campaign for fighting AIDS in Uganda.

Long-term partnership
G Data has supported the international children's aid organisation Plan since 2008 and has, as a company, taken over the sponsorship of 50 children. In addition to the sponsorships, we have been running our fund-raising campaign „1 euro for Plan“ since December 2008. The campaign means that for every security product sold in the G Data online shop, one euro will be given to Plan.

Within the company a voluntary team made up of G Data employees takes care of the Plan sponsorships with much commitment and under their own initiative.


Guildo Horn in Concert
On the 7th March 2009 Guildo Horn and „The Orthopedic Stockings“ will turn the G Data Arena into a cauldron. Alongside him will be his congenial band members: August Schrader, also known as „The Westfalian Ham“, Petra Pogo on bass, Gisela Ginster also known as „Hulda from Fulda“ on drums and a latex Addi Mollig on keyboard.

“Love, Peace & Happiness” begins on Saturday, 7th March 2009 at 6 pm in the G Data Arena in Hall 11, stand D 35.

Information about the HIV/AIDS project in Uganda:
In Uganda, more than one million people are living with HIV and Aids. More than 800,000 people have already died from the consequences of immunodeficiency. Some 20 percent of all Ugandan children are Aids orphans. In the Plan program area of Tororo with its 600,000 in habitants, there are some 30,000 HIV positive people.

Protection of newborn babies and pregnant women
The focus of the measures is a program to protect newborn babies against HIV-transmission from infected mothers. Women are tested for HIV early in their pregnancy and advised accordingly; infected pregnant mothers receive medicines in order to minimise the risk of infection of the unborn baby. Newborn babies are immediately given medical treatment to protect them against infection.
You can find further information about the G Data supported Plan project from the Plan website:


Thorsten Urbanski