G Data ups the stakes of the World Championship

Successes of English football team pay off in free IT protection for G Data clients

06/11/2010 | London 

Now, there is one more reason to get excited about the upcoming matches of the English football team in South Africa. IT security specialist G Data has launched a special promotional action where every won match will grant users one extra month of free G Data protection. If Capello and his gang win the actual title, G Data clients will be looking at no less than 10 free months of updates and protection.

People with faith in Gerrard and his fellow  team mates can profit from G Data’s campaign by buying G Data AntiVirus, G Data InternetSecurity or G Data TotalCare in the G Data webshop now. With victory in the first match, customers get one extra month of updates. The second victory adds  two months of protection to the product. With the first three matches won, the G Data product will stay activated for 3 more months. When the quarter final is achieved by the English team, English customers get four extra months of updates. Reaching the semi-finals grants users 5 additional months, and reaching the final results in 6 free months of G Data protection. If England manages to win the final, G Data will give its users 10 extra months of protection. This almost doubles the original subscription to updates.

James Coombes of G Data says: “It is great to be able to support our team in such a positive way. If England does well in the World Championship, our customers will be the biggest winners. Not only have they been able to watch a great achievement of our football team, they can also sit back and relax knowing their security software is protected with an additional gift from G Data. Let’s just hope this extra pressure to play perfectly does not cause psychological problems for our footballers!”

Danielle van Leeuwen