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How to install and activate G DATA Antivirus for Mac

This article will guide you through the installation and activation of G DATA Antivirus for Mac.

Step 1. Download the latest version of G DATA Antivirus for Mac from the following link:

Click here 

Step 2. Once the above file has been downloaded, Open it.

Step 3. Double-click the G DATA Antivirus (...) .pkg file.

Step 4. Click Continue.

Step 5. Click Continue.

Step 6. Read the license agreement then click Continue.

Step 7. Accept the license agreement if you wish to proceed. Click Agree.

Step 8. Read the Data privacy policy then click Continue.

Step 9. Click Install.

Step 10. Wait until the installation is completed.

Step 11. Click Close.


After the installation, the software activation window will open.

Create a new account or click on "I am already a G DATA customer" if you already have an access data.

After a successful registration, your G DATA Antivirus updates itself.

You will also receive an automatically generated access data via e-mail, you can use it to reactivate the software in case of a reinstallation.

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