Basic protection with Next Generation technologies

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G DATA Antivirus
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The protective shield for your PC

Virus scanner

Put your trust in the highest detection rates with technologies working in parallel.

How it works 

Behavior monitoring

Protect yourself against even unknown malware. G DATA Antivirus detects this from its conspicuous behaviour.

Information on behaviour analysis 

Email scanning

Scans incoming email and attachments for suspicious content. Dangers are detected before anything has happened.

Exploit protection

Protects your computer against criminals exploiting security holes in Office applications and PDF readers, for example.

How Exploit Protection works 

G DATA BankGuard

Our patented technology secures your browser against manipulation by data thieves – for secure online banking and shopping.


No opportunity for extortion Trojans – we stop criminals encrypting your files.

More about our technology 

USB Keyboard Guard

Protects you against manipulated USB devices that pretend to be keyboards, even though they look like USB sticks or external hard drives.

Update Management

Specify when and where your PC loads updates. This helps you avoid additional costs, by logging into a third-party WLAN for example.

G DATA AV Box from 29.95 $
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G DATA IS Box from 39.95 $
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G DATA TS Box from 49.95 $
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Protection against ransomware and cyber criminals
Full PC performance with
high security
virus signature updates
Antivirus with award winning Doublescan technology
BankGuard provides secure online banking and shopping
Phishing protection
through email scanning
Anti-Spam filters
unwanted admails
Exploit-Protection protects against software vulnerability attacks
Automatic scanning of USB sticks and harddisks
English hotline at local rates
24 hours / 365 days
Intelligent Firewall blocks hacker attacks
Parental controls for age-appropriate PC usage
Cloud Backup on
German servers
Automatic Backup on local or external medium
Passwordmanager for secure access data
Device Control blocks unauthorised devices
from 29.95 $
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from 39.95 $
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from 49.95 $
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The intelligent technologies behind Antivirus

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.x / 7: min. 2 GB of RAM
  • All of the functions in the G DATA solutions are supported on 32 and 64 bit systems
  • An Internet connection is required to install the software and for virus signature and software updates

Do you need security for another platform?