G DATA Antivirus

Basis protection from viruses and other malware

Benefits of G DATA Antivirus

  • Take advantage of the highest detection rates
  • Protect yourself against online fraud and data theft
  • Surf without worrying: best protection when banking, shopping and sending email
  • Protect your personal data, even on social networks
  • Save time through simple installation and use
  • Speed up the boot process

Get yourself basic protection

G DATA Antivirus reliably protects your PC from viruses and ensures that your personal data is safe when banking or shopping online. There is no need to worry about common threats anymore. Comprehensive exploit protection shields your PC from malware that attempts to exploit specific vulnerabilities in your system.

G DATA Antivirus at a glance

Virus protection

Virus detection

Put your trust in the best virus detection that uses technologies working in parallel.

Behavior monitoring

Benefit from proactive detection and Cloud connection that protect you against even unknown malware - now with autopilot for trouble-free surfing and work.


Use BankGuard technology and configurable Keylogger Protection to protect yourself against manipulation and data theft on the Internet.

Exploit Protection

Secure your computer with the exploit reliable protection against vulnerabilities in programs installed from.

E-mail protection and comfort features

Email check

Scan even SSL-encrypted emails for malicious attachments and other suspicious content as soon as they are received.

Update management

Specify which network connections can be used for updates - and prevent unnecessary.

USB Keyboard Guard

Use the USB Keyboard Guard to protect yourself against USB devices that pretend to be keyboards.

Virus scanner and proactive technology provide the best protection

Antivirus scanners are often considered to be obsolete - nevertheless viruses, worms and trojans are a serious threat for Windows computers. So-called signatures are a cornerstone of a working and complete antivirus solution.

A signature which is created by antivirus experts contains the characteristics of malicious program code. The virus scanner (scan engine) searches the computer with its set of signatures and identifies dangerous code as well as files. G DATA uses two scan engines which work in perfect harmony to protect your system. Contrary to a common interpretation, the term "virus scanner" does not represent the entire solution, but only for one specific part of it.

In addition to signature-based scans, a complete antivirus solution uses a proactive technology as well as cloud-based protection. All new threats for which there is no signature available yet, are added to the cloud. Your benefit is that your computer is protected from current malware before it can reach your system.

Only a few submissions (e.g. through our Malware Information Initiative) can help protect all G DATA customers. The data from this initiative is also reused to develop and improve other protective technologies in our antivirus solutions.

G DATA CloseGap

Active hybrid protection for fending off malware and online attacks
Precision and speed are critical for the fast, successful avoidance of computer malware. A short response time between the first occurrence of the malware and the availability of a corresponding virus signature is often essential. Traditional antivirus solutions frequently cannot keep pace.

G DATA CloseGap technology takes a different route, combining proactive, signature-based security technologies in powerful active hybrid protection. CloseGap receives additional enhancements with every update, so the functionality can easily be adapted to the current threat. This means that your data is ideally protected all the time – even in the event of new, previously unknown attack scenarios. However, G DATA CloseGap offers one other advantage over the dual engine concept used to date: the use of resources is significantly lower.

Dual engine technology functionality

A dual engine provides perfect protection against online threats. However, the double detection uses up a lot of computing resources.

G DATA CloseGap functionality

G DATA CloseGap active hybrid protection detects and closes holes in the protective shield fully automatically. It does so quickly and effectively – for comprehensive, efficient protection that does not slow down your PC or laptop.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8.x / 7: min. 2 GB RAM (32/64 bit)
  • optional DVD-ROM drive
  • To install the software for virus signatures as well as for software updates, an Internet connection is required