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8 Reasons Why You Should Team Up with Us

Exciting projects

With us, interesting tasks in the professional field of digital security are the order of the day.

Flexible working hours

One of the core tenets of our corporate culture is to help you balance your career with your family life and leisure time.

Company pension scheme

An attractive bonus wards off any money woes you may have for peace of mind during your well-deserved retirement.


With fresh organic food, fair-trade coffee, and delicious menus in the bistro, G DATA promotes healthy eating at the workplace.

Social commitment

G DATA supports social and ecological projects in the region and abroad.

Vocational training

Here everyone is encouraged to keep refining their professional skills.

Sports activities

We encourage a sporty lifestyle by offering a wide range of leisure sports activities.

Modern workplaces

Customizable workstations with top equipment facilitate every task.

Corporate Culture

G DATA – What Drives Us

Assuming responsibility together

Our flat hierarchies go a long way towards ensuring that everyone achieves their full potential and can contribute their ideas. In this way, we create a sense of togetherness. This facilitates the coordination of interdisciplinary teams that yield even better results. A company is defined by its corporate values. This is why we have drafted a G DATA ethics mission statement, which serves as a binding guideline both for how we interact within the company and with partners and customers. We aim for a cooperation that motivates our team and helps create a positive, supportive atmosphere. 


Flexible work

We built a sustainable corporate culture to ensure that our employees remain loyal to us for years and decades. For us, this means above all that working at G DATA entails a high degree of freedom and participation. Moreover, flexible working hours allows our employees to find the right balance between building their career and spending time with their family.



We Interact on a First-Name Basis

Years ago, we made a conscious decision to communicate on a first-name basis. We discovered that this form of interaction, from trainees all the way to board members, simplifies many things and ensures that the entire team is on the same level. Thanks to our corporate mission statement and flat hierarchies, we have created a mode of interacting with each other that inspires a strong sense of togetherness – and this has a positive effect on the team spirit and daily work. In our experience, communicating on a first-name basis at the office while showing appreciation, politeness, and respect for your colleagues creates a solid foundation for a relaxed and motivating atmosphere.

G DATA Perks

Company pension scheme

To ensure that our employees are well provided for when they enter their well-earned retirement, we embrace the social concept of company pension schemes. We subsidize the monthly savings amount by adding a bonus, thus making this type of private pension even more attractive at G DATA. In order to arrive at the best solution for you, we sit down together with you and our partner company in an individual consultation. If you wish, you can, of course, simply continue an existing contract.

Sports sponsorship

G DATA is always in motion. As the health of our employees is very dear to us, we promote their sportive endeavors. We do so by enabling them to participate in leisure sports activities free of charge or at reduced prices and pay the entry fee when they enter competitions. In addition, we provide them with high-quality functional clothing that feature a team logo and lettering. The sports activities our employees engage in are as diverse as they are. Thanks to the broad range of activities on offer, everyone is able to do what they enjoy most.


...and so much more

This includes numerous activities that serve to motivate our employees and express our appreciation for them. These activities also reinforce team cohesion and strengthen our departments and the entire workforce. They promote a sense of community and social interaction, because life shouldn’t be just about work – we firmly believe in this and its contribution to achieving an ideal work-life balance. Our offer ranges from regular company celebrations and team events to summer parties, the annual campus children’s festival, and exciting meetings, special holidays, free software licenses, and the big G DATA Christmas party.


G DATA Attaches Great Importance to Ongoing Vocational Training

Promoting our employees

The world changes at a high pace. This is especially true for the IT sector. Only if you stay up to date on a professional level can you achieve great things at work. That’s why we consider ongoing vocational training and employee development to be an important pillar of G DATA’s corporate success, no matter whether it’s seminars, workshops, conferences, or a part-time course of study. Topics such as work organization and team building are also on the agenda.


Group-based language learning

As an international company, people from different parts of the world work together at the G DATA Campus, and our software is offered in more than 90 countries worldwide. This is why we focus on the best possible flow and exchange of information among our team, with our partners, and also with our customers. Our range of language courses including German, English and French provides you with the opportunity to deepen and improve your language skills while at the office. 

Training skills in the guild

Continuous learning is important to us. We therefore enable everyone in our team to take part in further training and qualifications. For this purpose, we founded the G DATA guilds. In our guilds, colleagues come together to collect and pass on knowledge from their specialist areas in a self-organized manner. The ultimate goal is to learn from one another. 


G DATA Campus Life

Relaxed and constructive atmosphere

Only a satisfied employee is a productive employee. In order to create a pleasant working environment, we provide our employees with bright rooms and modern equipment to create an inspiring environment. After acquiring the building in 2014, G DATA had the interior restructured and redesigned according to an innovative interior design concept. Ergonomic and individually adaptable furniture offers great comfort and stimulates focused work. Whether in the hallway or at the coffee machine: Wherever members of our team meet, ample seating and slightly secluded spaces offer the ideal backdrop for relaxed and constructive conversations. After all, a relaxed atmosphere fosters excellent work. 

Energy Replenishment Thanks to Organic Food

We believe that healthy employees translate into a healthy company. And this is why we attach great importance to ensuring that our entire team feels comfortable here, at their workspace and beyond. We do everything we can to ensure that they stay healthy and fit and that they eat a balanced, tasty, and high-quality diet. After all, our employees are our most valuable resource. So it is in our best interest to ensure that they are always “fully charged” and alert by providing them with fresh organic fruit, coffee from our own roasting facility, and organic lemonade and bread. In our own café, you can also sample numerous coffee specialties while sitting together at a meeting or when you need a little time-out. And all this is free of charge. In the same spirit, fresh and sustainable products are also offered during the lunch break. Our bistro serves a varied three-course organic menu every working day, and there is always a vegetarian alternative.

G DATA Campus: Dates & Facts

G DATA is at home in Bochum and the Ruhr Region. The two company founders are deeply rooted in the region, so it is not surprising that our company headquarters, the G DATA Campus, has been situated at Königsallee in Bochum for many years. In 2014, we became owners of the campus, which provides approximately 400 employees with working facilities. 

Over the course of 13 construction stages, which did not interrupt our ongoing business, the campus with its landmarked facades was transformed into a modern headquarters, which now offers 15,000 sqm of office space on a 2.3 ha plot of land. To cover the 1.5 million kwH required annually to operate the technical infrastructure, we decided in 2015 to opt for the green electricity package offered by Stadtwerke Bochum. Every single kilowatt hour is derived from hydropower. Although this causes additional costs every year, we are happy to pay this surcharge in order to apply our self-imposed corporate social responsibility tenets to the energy sector as well.

In addition to the previously mentioned in-house café and bistro, the campus also includes our G DATA Museum as well as sufficient parking facilities for our employees and visitors.

G DATA Employee Statements

I like the flat hierarchies and the fact that superiors and board members always have time for you.

We just love the working atmosphere. It is relaxed and easy going without losing sight of the task at hand.

By purchasing the lot and undertaking the complex conversion into a campus, we have left our own mark on the site.

I like the casual interaction with colleagues as well as with superiors and board members.

The food in the bistro is excellent. I get to enjoy restaurant-grade food day after day!

There is a very strong and unique sense of togetherness among colleagues – and this applies to the entire company.

Training and Promotion of Young Talent at G DATA

Training at G DATA

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent and new ideas for our company. That’s why we are happy to train you. Whether school graduates, those who completed their voluntary service, or students who would rather become trainees – everyone is welcome at our company. Our trainees can look forward to a modern and high-quality training concept. Perfectly equipped workplaces, ongoing vocational training, joint activities, and hands-on training set you up for success.


Internships and Theses for Students

Are you in the middle of your studies, or would you like to go the extra mile as your studies are coming to a close? Then we are the right place for you. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience your desired field of work in a hands-on manner. During your time with us, you will be fully integrated into the company’s processes, receive intensive support, and have access to all G DATA resources. Internships and theses can be completed anywhere in the development department.

In addition, in cooperation with the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we offer subject-specific internships that provide you with deep insights into IT security and enable you to plan and implement your first projects yourself. You can register via the respective Ruhr-Universität Bochum course. We are looking forward to a lively exchange of ideas and fresh input.

Internships for High School Students

If you want to find out during your school time whether the software industry is something for you, you’ve come to the right place. Your student internship at G DATA will provide you with realistic insights into everyday work at our company. Regardless of whether you want to partake in a voluntary or compulsory holiday internship, take advantage of this exciting opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain at G DATA.


G DATA Practices Social Commitment

Health for everybody – Projekthilfe Gambia e.V.

In order to promote projects in West Africa, G DATA makes regular donations to Projekthilfe Gambia e.V. In addition, many of our employees donate privately to the association based in the neighboring town of Hattingen. A small contribution to a big idea.


Living life until the end – Hospice St. Hildegard

G DATA is deeply rooted in the region, and therefore our commitment begins at our doorstep. Only a few meters away from the G DATA campus, the Hospice St. Hildegard opens its doors to all those who are about to embark on their final journey. With empathy and dedication, the hospice staff create a temporary home for the dying. They accompany the terminally ill and give relatives the strength to experience this difficult time as a final gift. G DATA supports this challenging and important task through regular donations.

Fair food – Slow Food Deutschland e.V.

Regardless of whether it’s a crunchy salad purchased at the weekly market or a ready-made meal made from canned food. We make decisions with everything we eat. This is not only about our well-being, but also about politics and society. In order to be a positive influence in this area, G DATA supports Slow Food Deutschland e.V. This organization promotes initiatives and projects worldwide that are dedicated towards creating a responsible food system.


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