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BEAST protects you from new and previously unknown malware. Unlike traditional behavioral analyses, our technology records all system behavior in a graph, and therefore provides a holistic view. This allows BEAST to detect malicious processes accurately, and stop them immediately with no effect on the performance of your PC.

Free Techpaper on BEAST


This Techpaper (english) discusses in detail how the new behavior-based BEAST detection technology works. Among other things, you can find out:


  • how BEAST detects unknown and highly specialized malware
  • what distinguishes the new technology from conventional Behavior Blockers
  • what role a specially developed graph database plays in the detection
  • what new opportunities BEAST opens up for the subsequent removal of malware


Have fun reading.


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Thomas Siebert

“Cybercriminals are constantly working on more and more tricks to avoid detection of malware. For example, malicious behavior is divided between several processes. Conventional Behavior Blockers barely recognize such complex relationships. BEAST closes this recognition gap.”

Thomas Siebert

Head of Protection Technologies, G DATA CyberDefense AG

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