Announcement of 14. May 2018

G DATA celebrates 33rd birthday with a special security edition

Limited G DATA Total Security Birthday Box including protection for two Android devices available at a reduced price

G DATA is celebrating its 33rd birthday with its customers and publishes a limited edition of G DATA Total Security. Besides a 12-month licence for the comprehensive security package for Windows PCs, the special edition also includes two licences for G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android. As such, the birthday edition provides maximum protection while you are home and when you are on the move. The G DATA Total Security Birthday Box is available from retailers at a recommended retail price of 33.00 USD instead of 70.90 USD.

Data security "Made in Germany"

Everyday digital life is full of pitfalls when it comes to the safety of personal data, whether you are shopping or banking online. G DATA security solutions set the standard when it comes to security. The German IT security provider uses proactive technologies to provide end users with comprehensive protection. G DATA guarantees its customers that all data and information is exclusively stored on German servers and are subject to German data protection laws. This means that G DATA customers are secure when out and about and protected against the latest threats such as ransomware.

Maximum security with convenience

G DATA Total Security offers maximum protection for PCs and data, against viruses, extortion Trojans, spyware and hackers. The integrated backup function automatically protects personal data against loss and theft. As such, users can safeguard things that are important to them - photos and documents are kept safe even in the event of an extortion or hacker attack, and stay protected in the Cloud.

Key features of G DATA Total Security

  • Protection against Ransomware and cyber crime
  • BankGuard for secure online banking and shopping
  • Exploit Protection to counter security holes in software
  • Cloud backup
  • Automatic data backup to local or external data media
  • Phishing protection via email monitoring
  • AntiSpam filters out unwanted advertising emails
  • Parental controls for age-appropriate PC usage
  • Automatic scanning of USB sticks and external hard drives
  • Intelligent firewall to block hacker attacks
  • Password Manager for secure access data
  • Access Control blocks unauthorised devices
  • Full PC performance with the highest security level
  • Hourly virus signature updates
  • Customer Support - 24/7/365

Protection for your mobile life

G DATA Mobile Internet Security offers total protection for mobile data on smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system. Besides reliably fending off Trojans, viruses, malware and other dangers while surfing on the go, the smart security app also protects users against the fatal consequences of losing the device or having it stolen. Smartphones can be located and all the data stored on them can be deleted remotely, protecting them from third party access.

Key features in G DATA Mobile Internet Security

  • Security against phishing and malicious websites via Cloud-based detection
  • Protection against infected apps: The app checker verifies the permissions of apps and issues warnings about inquisitive apps
  • Protection against Android malware: The Cloud connection enables the resource-saving Advanced Scan to detect all malware and stay fully up-to-date at all times
  • Customisable SMS and call filter to block telemarketing calls, etc.
  • Protection if the device is lost or stolen: If the smartphone or tablet is lost, all the data stored on it can be deleted, or the device can be locked or located.
  • Comprehensive, configurable parental controls so children can also use the mobile device.

Prices and availability

The G DATA Total Security Birthday Box is available from retailers and in the G DATA Online Shop at a recommended retail price of 33.00 USD instead of 70.90 USD. Customers save 37.90 USD on the standard price.

System requirements

PC: Windows 10 / 8.x / 7: min. 2 GB RAM (32 & 64 bit)

Smartphone or tablet: Android 4.0 or higher


Announcement of 14. May 2018

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