Announcement of 27. June 2018

AV-TEST: Top spot for G DATA in May

100 percent malware detection in latest comparison test

G DATA Mobile Internet Security achieved a top result in the lat-est comparison test by independent research institute AV-TEST for the fourth time in a row. G DATA Mobile Internet Security de-tected 100 percent of the malware programs used. This time, a to-tal of 22 security apps for Android were investigated.

The mobile security solution impressed the testers again in the categories of protective effectiveness, ease of use and practical add-on functions. G DATA Mobile Internet Security successfully achieved top marks in every category and took the top place again with 13 out of a possible 13 points.

Test details

Full points for G DATA in the long-term test as well

Research institute AV-Test lined up 16 security apps for Android against Google Play Protect in the long-term test between November 2017 and March 2018. The result: G DATA Mobile Internet Security again achieved top marks here. The testers’ conclusion is clear: a security solution such as G DATA Mobile Internet Security is essential for comprehensive protection against the latest threats. Google Play Protect cannot guarantee comprehensive protection.

Effective protection for smartphones and tablets

G DATA Mobile Internet Security offers total protection for mobile data on smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system. Besides fending off Trojans, viruses, malware and dangers while mobile surfing, the smart security app also protects users against the fatal consequences of losing the device or having it stolen. Smartphones can be located and all the data stored on them can be deleted remotely, protecting them from third party access.

  • Protection against phishing and malicious websites via cloud-based detection methods
  • Protection against dangerous apps: The app control verifies the permissions of apps and issues warnings about inquisitive apps
  • Protection against Android malware: The Cloud connection enables the resource-saving Advanced Scan to detect all malware and stay fully up-to-date at all times
  • Customisable SMS and call filter for telemarketing calls, etc.
  • Protection if the device is lost or stolen: If the smartphone or tablet is lost, all the data stored on it can be deleted, or the device can be locked or located.
  • Comprehensive, configurable parental controls so children can also use the mobile device.


Announcement of 27. June 2018

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