Announcement of 08. April 2019

G DATA Business LineUp 14.2: Comprehensive protection for companies thanks to machine learning

German IT security specialist integrates DeepRay technology, VM security and multi-client capability into its new network solutions.

Cyber criminals often rely on disguised malware when carrying out at-tacks. The new G DATA business solutions with integrated DeepRay® technology destroy this cyber crime business model through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thanks to G DATA VM Security, virtual environments can now be protected in a resource-efficient way. And to facilitate the work of partners and IT service providers, G DATA has integrated multi-client capability into its Managed Endpoint Security and Endpoint Protection Business solutions. The new G DATA Business Solutions 14.2 will be available from 08 April 2019.

Andreas Lüning

Thanks to DeepRay, our IT security solutions detect disguised malware files much earlier than ordinary technologies. With our Business LineUp 14.2, we can prevent damage from being caused by malware at an early stage. This means that fast-moving malware campaigns are fended off more effectively. The result is that we are depriving cyber criminals of their commercial basis, through their failure to successfully infect large numbers of endpoints.

Andreas Lüning

Founder and CEO of G DATA

Business protection through machine learning and artificial intelligence - DeepRay®

G DATA Business Solutions 14.2 are equipped with DeepRay®. Thanks to DeepRay®, G DATA business solutions reliably detect trickily disguised malware files much faster than conventional protection mechanisms and thus contribute to comprehensive protection of the company's IT.  DeepRay® does this by using a neural network. This works with an algorithm that is continuously being trained to detect malware efficiently through adaptive learning and the expertise of G DATA experts.

Working securely with Virtual Machines

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) are used in many companies. From an administrator's point of view, however, security that uses antivirus solutions is complicated and requires a lot of resources due to the regular signature updates. With the new G DATA VM Security technology, virtual environments are protected via a remote scan server. In addition, a signatureless Light Agent is used on each virtual client - a fully-fledged security product with all the proactive G DATA technologies such as DeepRay® and AntiRansomware. Only the signature-based scanning processes are outsourced to the scan server. This saves hardware and maintenance costs. G DATA VM Security supports the Microsoft HyperV and VMware vSphere virtualisation platforms.

Central control in a single instance

IT system houses take care of the IT security of numerous customers and manage their IT security architecture for them. G DATA has therefore built multi-client capability into its Managed Endpoint Security and Endpoint Protection Business solutions, to facilitate the work of its partners. Thanks to the multi-client capability, G DATA security solutions for multiple customers or sites can be managed in a single instance. This saves time and storage capacity.

G DATA Business Solutions 14.2 at a glance

  • G DATA Antivirus Business
  • G DATA Client Security Business
  • G DATA Endpoint Protection Business
  • G DATA Managed Endpoint Security

The most important features in G DATA Business Solutions 14.2

  • New: DeepRay - protection against concealed malware through artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Layered security for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients for comprehensive, resource-efficient protection against online threats
  • New: Security for virtual machines thanks to G DATA VM Security
  • New: Multi-client capability
  • Optional: Mail Security with mail server-independent, central email protection, including virus and spam filters
  • Optional: Network Monitoring for monitoring the entire infrastructure, from printers to servers
  • Optional: Patch Management module that can close software security holes in a timely manner
  • Optional: Linux Web Security Gateway equips Squid-based web gateways with comprehensive protection against viruses and phishing.

G DATA business solutions can be trialled for free. The current system requirements are available online.



Announcement of 08. April 2019

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