Risk minimisation

A series of simple behaviour rules can markedly reduce the risk of the loss or manipulation of personal data, which are stored on your system.

On the one hand, this includes protection to prevent physical access, while on the other hand implementing measures to protect against network access to your system.


  • Even if you only leave the PC workstation for a short time, you should lock the system. Often criminals will take advantage of the opportunity. An abandoned, un-blocked PC can act as an invitation to any person passing by chance to snoop around in your personal data.
  • Many components belonging to both the operating system and the application software offer adjustment options for different levels of security. The standard settings are not always selected with a particular emphasis on security. It is well worthwhile checking the security settings of the system and, if necessary, adjusting them. If you feel overwhelmed with the large number of adjustment options, consult an expert or use tools such as the security tuning of G DATA TotalCare, to simplify your configuration of the most sensible security settings. Often the operating system offers a series of useful switches, which are admittedly not easy to find in every case.
  • If you are not intending to use your system for a long period, think about shutting the system down completely or disconnecting the network. Without doubt, in this era of flat-rates, it is very convenient to be always online, although the simple principle that a PC which is not connected to the Net or is switched off, cannot be subject to attack, should not be forgotten.
  • You should be prepared for the worst case scenario, total loss of your data, by carrying out regular backups. Even without an attack from outside, there is an ever present risk that your data could be lost, either due to a power failure, hardware defect, lightening strike or other such unpredictable event. Products such as G DATA TotalCare permit regular automatic backups onto any standard data media format. Backup media should be stored at a secure location. Alternatively online backups can also be made, as a result of which even the low residual risk of the loss or damage to backup media can also be minimised.