Backing up your data

A series of risks can lead to data loss. These risks can be minimised, if you observe a few simple rules.

Risk minimisation

A series of simple behaviour rules can markedly reduce the risk of the loss or manipulation of personal data, which are stored on your system.

Misconceptions and truths

Certainly you will already have heard a good few well-intentioned tips and half-truths within your circle of acquaintances. At this point we would like to clear up one or two popular misconceptions.


To prevent access to your system from outside via the network, the use of a firewall is recommended.

Virus scanners

In this section, we explain the basic operating mode of the virus scanner.

Secure passwords

In this section we wish to make you aware of the skilful selection of personal passwords.

Cyber security

Time and again one hears in the media of stolen credit card data, emptied online accounts and various other threats from the Internet.