G DATA Total Security

Antivirus with Firewall and automatic backups

Benefits of G DATA Total Security

  • Take advantage of the highest detection rates
  • Protect yourself against online fraud and data theft
  • Surf without worrying: best protection when banking, shopping and sending email
  • Protect your personal data, even on social networks
  • Save time due to simple usability and quick installation
  • Speed up the boot process
  • Protect your kids from harmful content
  • Erase sensitive data without a trace with just one click
  • Back up all your data with automatic Cloud backup too

Undisturbed surf with G DATA Total Security

Security doesn't get any better! G DATA Total Security not only reliably protects you against viruses, Trojans, spyware and hacking - thanks to the numerous extras such as encryption of your personal data or reliable device control, you are also completely safe from every other threat. The comprehensive exploit protection also safeguards your PC against malware that targets and exploits security vulnerabilities in your installed software.

New in this version is the password manager. It also includes the opportunity to store your backups in the German cloud DriveOnWeb. Your data are stored securely encrypted on servers based in Germany.

A safe for your data - G DATA cloud backup

Effectively protect yourself from data loss though automated backups. G DATA Total Security uploads your data into a secure cloud and protects what you hold dear. Photos and documents stay securely protected, even when your data is attacked by blackmailers or hackers. G DATA is a reliable partner at your side. Trust in the easiest way to be safe from against online threats - with G DATA Total Security and automatic cloud backups.

Relax - we have you backed up

For the past few months, cyber blackmailers have been front page news. Ransomware such as Locky or Petya scare a lot of PC users all around the world. They play on people's fear of losing the digital memories which are stored in photos and videos. This type of malware encrypts the data on the computer and only decrypts them when a ransom is paid. Put an end to this digital blackmailing on your PC - with G DATA Total Security and regular cloud backups.

Features of G DATA Total Security at a glance

Email and virus protection

Virus scanner

A cloud-based update component keeps your signatures up-to-date and protects your computer from malware.

Behavior monitoring

Protect yourself from unknown threats. G DATA's Behavior monitoring identifies malware by its suspicious behavior.


Put your trust in the best virus detection. Immediately our experts provide you with the perfect protection against the latest malware. Enjoy optimal protection that uses technologies working in parallel.

Exploit protection

Vulnerabilities often appear where nobody expects them, including programs you use every day. With our exploit protection you prevent hackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities.


Make your banking transactions and online shopping safe - with our patented BankGuard technology.


The G DATA firewall has you covered. Monitor all incoming and outgoing connections and protect your PC from hacker attacks.

Browser Cleaner

Thorough scrubbing for your browser: Remove annoying tool bars and add-ons from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome with our Browser Cleaner.

Email scanning

Scan your incoming emails for dangerous attachments and suspicious content. Prevent threats even before you open a dangerous email. Get yourself more security - even for SSL encrypted emails.


Stop the spam flood: With G DATA's Antispam you can get rid of annoying spam mails and dangerous phishing links.

Backup and usability


The safe for your computer and your data: Protect your confidential files with a password. Only people you really trust are able to access these files.


Erase old cache entries and remove other dead weight from your system. This will enhance the performance of your PC and it only takes a few clicks.

Optimized! Backups

Install carefreeness: Save your data automatically into the cloud. The password protected backups securely protected your dearest data. Use Google Drive or Dropbox for your data storage - without an additional installation.

Parental Controls

Thanks to your cooperation with the child protection platform fragfinn.de it's easy: Choose suitable pages and block inappropriate content.

USB Keyboard Guard

In order to place malware on your computer, cyber criminals camouflage USB sticks as keyboards. The G DATA Keyboard Guard detects those devices in disguise and warns you immediately.

New! Password manager

Set an end to cheat sheets: This feature saves your passwords for online shops, forums or your email account. Easily integrate the password manager to your usual browser. Thereby, your passwords and contact data are filled in automatically – and you save precious time.

Update administration

Software updates can quickly consume a lot of bandwidth. Decide for yourself which network connection to use for loading updates and prevent additional costs when on a mobile data plan.

Access control

Decide for yourself who is allowed to connect USB sticks, burners, hard drives and other devices to your PC. With G DATA access control, you remain in charge of all your USB ports.

The user interface of G DATA Total Security

System requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8.x / 7: min. 2 GB RAM (32/64 bit)
  • optional DVD-ROM drive
  • To install the software for virus signatures as well as for software updates, an Internet connection is required