Virtual systems – real security.

Best G DATA protection. Specially developed for VMs.

Optimal use of resources

Relieve the memory and CPUs in your virtual machines with our solution. Light Agents in each VM outsource the entire malware scan, preserving your resources with maximum security for your systems.

Immediately integrated

It's simple: download the virtual appliance for our remote scan server. After a short initial configuration, it is integrated and ready for operation. Then assign the desired virtual machines to the scan server.

Easy management

Protection for virtualized systems is fully integrated into our business solutions. Manage the security of your entire network conveniently via the central G DATA administrator – whether purely virtual network or hybrid network.

Security for virtual environments

Strong and efficient thanks to outsourced malware scan

Each virtual machine is protected by a signatureless Light Agent. The lightweight agents offer all the proactive technologies and full security of our award-winning Endpoint Security Clients. However, the signature scan no longer takes place in each individual virtual machine, but is outsourced to a Virtual Remote Scan Server (VRSS). This means that the signatures only have to be updated once between the management server and the remote scan server. Unnecessarily consumed resources due to multiple repeated scans in each VM are now a thing of the past.


VM Security from G DATA supports the virtualization platforms Microsoft HyperV® and VMware vSphere®.

Optimum use of G DATA VM Security

How complex is the configuration of the VRSS?

Download the Virtual Remote Scan Server (VRSS) as a virtual appliance and set it up in just a few steps. Enter the address of your G DATA ManagementServer and start the installation process. The VRSS will then automatically appear in your management console. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

Is the Light Agent as safe as a Full Agent?

The Light Agent offers the full scope of protection of a G DATA Security Client. You can deploy all security features in your virtual machines using the Light Agent - from AI technology DeepRay® to G DATA Patch Management.

How do I manage the Light Agents in my VMs?

You activate your VMs in the G DATA Administrator via synchronization with Active Directory or a search request. You can now install the Light Agent remotely in the VMs and manage it centrally.

Virtualization: Many uses – one security solution

Protect virtual desktops

Whether in hospitals, call centers or airports – shift work has become indispensable in many industries. Thanks to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with individual accounts, employees from different shifts can work on only a few PCs – saving costs and maintenance. With G DATA you can efficiently secure the multitude of virtualized desktops in your company against malware. The lightweight agents provide maximum protection in any virtual desktop with near-zero performance load.

Securing virtualized servers

Optimum hardware utilization, flexibility and low costs: these are just some of the advantages that companies rely on server virtualization for. Effective protection against cyber threats is guaranteed with G DATA: Your virtual and physical servers operate at optimal performance. At the same time, you can rely on excellent security and all-round protection for all components of your IT systems.

AV Comparatives

G DATA Antivirus Business is easy to install. The software also helps non-technical administrators to conveniently manage the network.

Virus Bulletin

G DATA Antivirus achieves best values in reactive and proactive detection and defense against malware.

Microsoft Azure Certified

G DATA was the only antivirus manufacturer to be present at the launch of Microsoft Cloud Germany - with Managed Endpoint Security specially tailored to the Azure architecture.

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