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Why secure your servers?

According to a study by Verizon, more than 99% of malware enters a company's network via e-mail or websites. For example, as a malicious attachment in a spam mail or as an undetected download while surfing. Our solutions filter out these threats at the earliest possible point in time and are already deployed at server and gateway level.

We secure all the network traffic that passes through mail servers, proxy servers or file servers - before it even reaches the endpoint. A further advantage: Private smartphones or guest devices do not become the gateway to malware.


the malware is sent via the e-mail or web server.

(Source: Verizon, 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report)

Consistent server and gateway protection improves enterprise security, especially for devices that cannot be protected by an endpoint security solution.

Michael Becker

Head of Product Management, G DATA CyberDefense AG

G DATA Mail Server Security

G DATA Exchange Mail Security

Security Plugin for Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Trust in real-time protection: Dangerous e-mails and their attachments are detected on the mail server as soon as they arrive and do not end up in the mailbox of an endpoint.
  • Maintain employee productivity: The anti-spam feature filters out unwanted spam on the server side so your teams can continue to work undisturbed.
  • Blocking e-mail addresses and domains prevents further distractions caused by dangerous, inappropriate or unsolicited content.
G DATA Exchange Mail Security
G DATA Linux Mail Security Gateway

G DATA Linux Mail Security Gateway

Security Plugin for Sendmail- and Postfix-Server

  • Rely on comprehensive protection against viruses in e-mail attachments.
  • Anti-spam protection against disruptive mass messages prevents your company from being burdened with more e-mails than necessary.
  • Alternatively, you can use this solution to set up an upstream Sendmail or Postfix gateway to protect any other mail server as well.

G DATA Proxy Server Security

G DATA Linux Web Security Gateway

Security Plugin for Squid-Server

  • Company-wide checking of your communication with the World Wide Web for malware - including encrypted content. Threats from the Internet are detected before anything happens.
  • The anti-phishing option with cloud-based web address matching ensures that your employees don't fall for deceptive links and offers that target your company's data.
  • Set up blacklists and whitelists for websites, IP addresses or file types to protect your team from dangerous or inappropriate content.
G DATA Linux Web Security Gateway

G DATA File Server Security

Security Plugin for Samba File Server

Security extension for Samba File Servers

  • No hiding place for malware: Two scan engines quickly and reliably detect infected and malicious files on your servers.
  • The plugin performs a file check every time Samba shares are accessed. In this way, malicious software is detected before it can become active.
  • Prevent malware from spreading through the file server.

Which G DATA solution contains what?


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Endpoint Protection BusinessEPB

Managed Endpoint SecurityMES
Server & Gateway Security
Samba File Server Security
Exchange Mail Security
Linux Mail Security Gateway
Linux Web Security Gateway
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Working together safely

Prevent malware from spreading unnoticed through file sharing on your file servers.

Protection from web threats

Block web pages or the reception of executable files already on the server - for all devices that connect to the network.

No more harmful e-mails

Filter out spam and malicious attachments in e-mails before they reach your employees' mailboxes.