Anti-malware Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Next-generation technologies for your endpoint security solutions

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Outstanding technology – easy integration

Our anti-malware SDKs enables your endpoint security solutions to benefit from award-winning and field-proven next-gen technology. Using graph-based and AI-assisted detection, G DATA’s protection technologies eliminate malicious operations instantly – without experiencing any loss of performance. Whether aggressive ransomware, zero-day exploits, or previously unknown malware without a signature: Our technology portfolio offers the right defense strategy for every attack. Protect your customers reliably against cyberthreats of any kind.

Our Anti-malware SDKs

  • Cloud SDK
  • DeepRay® – in-memory process analysis (advanced in-memory process analysis) with AI support
  • BEAST – Next-gen Behavioral Recognition
  • Anti-malware Next-gen SDK
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Tamper Protection
  • Browser-Protection
  • ExploitProtection

Use Cases

Endpoint-Security Vendor

The Problem: You want to improve the performance quality of the protection that your own product offers.

The Solution: Our protection technologies have proven detection performance and can help improve your solution’s malware detection. We offer solutions that are easy to integrate and universally applicable, such as the Cloud SDK, as well as true all-rounders such as DeepRay® and BEAST, which detect particularly hard-to-detect malware using sophisticated techniques such as memory analysis and next-gen behavior monitoring.

Recommendation: Cloud SDK, DeepRay®, BEAST

Telecommunications service providers

The Problem: You are looking to expand your own product portfolio in order to (more strongly) address the topic of safety.

The Solution: The fastest way to offer customers an IT security product is to offer the security solution developed by G DATA and recognized by customers (see PC Magazin 10/2021 [in German]) under its own brand. Alternatively, we can provide you with a standalone product tailored to all your needs, in which we combine our technologies according to your requirements.

Recommendation: We recommend white labeling or, as an alternative, the integration of the Cloud, DeepRay®, or BEAST SDKs (can be combined with other SDKs, if necessary).

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The Problem: You want to avoid (unknowingly) acting as the host of malware.

The Solution: We have a lot of experience and expertise in detecting malicious files as a long-time endpoint security provider. Our Cloud SDK provides protection against the latest threats that is always up to date – in real time. Once you have integrated into your infrastructure, it reliably detects malicious files.

Recommendation: We recommend using the easy connectivity of our Cloud SDK for protection that is always up to date.

Get award-winning next-gen technologies for your endpoint security solutions with G DATA Anti-malware SDKs.