Threat Intelligence

Prevent cyberattacks before they happen

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Understanding and preventing new threats at an early stage

How great is the risk of becoming the target of a cyberattack? What malware is the most active right now? Which domains are used to distribute malicious software? Our threat intelligence services are designed to provide threat intelligence and help you assess potential cyberthreats. Detailed information on current and past threats and specific indicators of compromise (IOC) gives you helpful blueprints in an effort to avoid future attacks or eliminate successful infections.

Our Threat Intelligence Services

  • Threat Intel Platform
  • Malicious-DNS Liste
  • File History API

Use Case

SoC service providers

The Problem: You manage the security of various enterprise networks; however, you do not have enough of data on current threat situations and indicators of compromise (IOC) at your own disposal.

The Solution: Our insights on current threats, IOCs, malware domains, and malware campaigns can be accessed via an API or web UI. Enrich your data with our information to get a holistic view of your customers’ threat situation and create seamless blocklists.

Recommendation: Malicious DNS List, Sample Exchange

Get detailed information on current and past threats with Threat Intelligence Services from G DATA.