Threat Analysis

Powerful tools for analyzing suspicious files

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Is this file dangerous? Just test it.

Our threat analysis tools allow you to gather detailed information about suspicious files. Test files in the secure sandbox, check them against our continuously updated malware database, or identify connections to older malware versions. Our tools make it easy for you to identify the relationships and the interaction of different malware.

Our threat analysis services

  • Analysis-as-a-service
  • Cloud API
  • Reputation API
  • Threat Intelligence Platform
  • URSA
  • File History API
  • Similar Malware Identification API
  • ESTER - Engine Stability Test Array

Use Cases

SOC in large corporations

The Problem: You do not have your own analysis systems for potential malware.

The Solution: We offer an automatic security scan via an API to protect your business from malware through user uploads, email attachments, and so on. You can integrate it using a few lines of code, which allows potential malware to run in a secure environment.

Recommendation: Analysis-as-a-service

Incident response service providers, CERT

The Problem: You need assistance in evaluating potential hazards.

The Solution: The classification and evaluation of files is one of our core competencies. We offer our insights in various services – easily via an API or web UI. This allows you to identify simple relationships of malware and subsequently perform further analyses.

Recommendation: Analysis-as-a-service, Threat Intelligence Platform, File History API

Use our tools to find out how dangerous suspicious files really are.