VaaS - Verdict as a Service

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Check for malware in a fast and easy way

Convenience and simplicity: VaaS allows you to check any file for malicious content by contacting the G DATA Cloud. No on-site hardware infrastructure is needed. VaaS operates on our GDPR compliant data centers. If you still prefer to keep files inside your infrastructue, on-premise hosting is also possible. VaaS is lean, fast and easily scaleable. From one file to 1 million and more files per day? We got it covered. The service is very easy to integrate into apps, webpages and services without any special security knowledge.

This is what you can expect

  • Lean Service: Our designated interface can be easily accessed via a lightweight HTTP client.

  • Fast Verdicts: Get realtime verdicts for your selected samples or request swift post-processing via backend.

  • Flexible Payment: Simply pay per request or benefit from one of our attractive subscription models.

  • Customization: Let us know about you individual requirements to make the solution as secure and comfortable as possible for you.

Integration Scenarios

Websites and CMS Systems
Communication systems like Mail Servers, Chat Platforms
File and Object Storages
IoT / Mobile Devices
Gateways & Proxies

What our customers appreciate the most is our Dev2Dev communication. We can even offer to do sprints together if wanted. Our development team cares a lot about giving the best possible support for our customers' integrations.

Easy integration with different programming languages

Our development team offers several ready-to-use Software Development Kits (SDKs) which you can use to request and consume our service. A standard scenario requires just a few lines of code written in a few minutes. We offer a lot of SDKs in several programming languages and there are more to come. All SDKs are open-sourced and can be found here:  Onboarding and integration can we be done with the support of our development team. Our goal is to keep the basic integration as simple as possible. You will not face a vendor lock-in.

Test our service to see what we do

If you have a file of which you are not certain if it is malicious or not, please send it to us and you will get an immediate response from our service. Two tries are free.

Check via upload

Here you can upload any file. In the public demo the max. file size is limited to 10 MB.

You can get a malicious test file at

Drag & drop to upload file

Check via file-hash

A check via SHA256 hash of the file to be checked is also possible. To do this, enter the hash here:

Potentially unwanted program
Unknown Hash

Raw API-Response

Unknown file hash. Please use the file upload to check the file.

An error occurred

You have reached the daily limit of requests!

If you want to do a longer trial or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either through a contact form or by scheduling a call with one of our Devs.

If you want to do a longer trial or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Requirements

Customer Statement

Wee need a security check for file uploads

We have a lot of files, we'd like to analyse during peak times

We don't want to maintain an invest in hardware infrastructure and security teams

We would like to have a short communication line to the development team and security experts


Get file verdicts by VaaS via file hash assignment

Enable VaaS post-processing via file upload an get dynamic results from sandbox runs


VaaS dynamically scales with your individual needs

Only pay for services you've actually requested

No on-site hardware infrastructure needed

No on-site security team needed

Easy to use open source client SDKs