G DATA Patch Management

The Patch Management module assists network administrators in effectively distributing software patches. Upgrade the functional scope of your G DATA business solution.

Central administration of patches

You no longer have to separately install patches on every single client. Manage software updates and distribute them from a central repository.

Minimize risks

Prevent compatibility problems on the clients by rolling out new patches first in a test environment.

Keep track of your software

With G DATA Patch Management you make sure that your employees are using the latest software version available on your network.

Simple download and distribution of patches

Weak spots in the operating system and in installed programs are the main target of cyber-attacks. Every year, software companies detect several thousand vulnerabilities in their products and create patches to fix them. Integral parts of the operating system as well as third-party software are vulnerable. In many cases not all clients on the network use the same software version. IT departments are forced to apply a variety of measures to implement software updates and patches. The centrally managed G DATA Patch Manager simplifies downloading and distributing the latest patches.

Infografic G DATA Patch Management

Always up-to-date with Patch Management

Easily managed functions help the network administrator to stay on top of things. The Patch Manager module provides important information to help plan the entire patch management process: Which program versions are in use on the network? Do the client computers or groups support the latest patches? You can select clients and collectively update their programs. Patch Manager can be implemented without reinstalling your G DATA business solution. In perfect cooperation with existing functions, Patch Management rounds off the protection of your company’s network.

How G DATA Patch Management works

List of installed software

The software inventory of your G DATA business solution helps you keep track of all programs installed on the client computers. It also enables you to check which Windows versions they run.

Currently available patches at a glance

The module is based on an enormous collection of patches and updates. The patches originate from renowned software companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle and are checked before they are made available in our repository. With the option “Patch configuration” you can select all patches that you want to test and deploy.

Applicability test of patches

The patch applicability job checks the applicability of the selected patches on the client computers. Applicability jobs can be carried out time-controlled or completely automatically.

Software distribution jobs

Configure distribution jobs to install applicable patches on client computers or groups. During the testing period of the patch management cycle, this function is used to deploy patches to the testing environment. Schedule the deployment in order to keep the endpoint running without any interference.

Set rollback jobs

Rollback jobs make it easy to uninstall already installed patches. If any problems emerge after the distribution, they can be eliminated immediately.


The Report Manager helps you analyze if the deployment has been successful on all clients. The network administrator gets a quick overview of all inconsistencies in the patching process.

Further Information

Best practice guide to Patch Management

Our PDF guide takes you through the entire process of patch management: It provides all relevant information for every step and comprehensively explains all important features such as patch management automation.

G DATA Business Solutions Manual

The manual demonstrates all features of our IT security solution for businesses in detail.